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Dads: Real and Adopted

Does your Dad Have Klout?

Klout* released a list of 10 Dads who are influencing others on parenthood and dad life.  That list made me think about influence and Klout and dads. The Dads we are born with and the ones we foster along the way...the Dads that are real and adopted in our lives.

Now I must give a shout out to the fathers on that #kloutdads list - well done men.  On the list (and whom I follow via twitter) -> @cc_chapman @brucesallan @BackpackingDad. I much appreciate their sharing's on fatherhood. 

With the birth of blogs came a tool in which dads could connect their parental experiences and other dads.  Ward Cleaver never connected.  He went to work.  Came home.  Kissed June.  Shook his head at the Beaver.  I bet if Ward had a dad blog he would have been a happier man.

I have a great Dad *waves hi*.  He was good to guide me through my life and choices with unconditional love and support.  He also taught me how to swim (I'm being literal and theoretical there). 

My kids have a great Papa *waves hi*.  He is good enough to teach the kids important things I can't teach them myself - like pushing your limits, stick-to-it-ness and rising above the challenge (I'm a very weak/give-in sort).

I also know men who volunteered to be big brothers. A commitment that paid off in smiles.

In generations gone by (like Ward's generation), men were heard but not seen in the world of children.  Today, guys are hands-on, diaper-changing, school-lunch-packing Dads.  They want, need and demand to be part of their children's lives. And it is damn attractive!

Tell me watching a guy push a stroller isn't sexy?  Seeing him coach little league soccer? Or when he tells (or blogs) a dad experience? Modern day Dads are damn attractive  (above and beyond the guy in the Old Spice commercial) - it's undeniable.

How do you measure a dad's klout?  It actually isn't an online score.  It's his influence on his kids.  Real and adopted. 

* measures on-line influence.