Caroline Fernandez: Activity Mummy


5 Tips For Shopping With Kids

Make Shopping With Kids Easier

  1. SHOP 9a.m.-11a.m.: Kids are well rested in the morning, and there are less people in storestake advantage of both by shopping early. Stick to getting out by 11a.m., when the stores get more crowded.
  2. TAKE SNACKS: One of the best ways to keep kids occupied while you shop is to feed them. Dry cereal, cut-up fruit, or even a sandwich will keep their hands busy and mouths occupied.
  3. SHOPPING VEHICLE: Stroller, wagon, even shopping cart make for solid shopping vehicles. Kids get tired (don't we all?), and having a place to sit, while you continue to shop, is a good thing.
  4. PLAY: Incorporate some games into your shopping to engage the kids. Eye Spy With My Little Eye. Can you Find Something Blue? Alphabet Bingo. A for apples, B for boxes, C for cash register . . . Any games (requiring no batteries or hardware) help kids pass time, by using what they have around them as entertainment.
  5. SHOP ONLINE INSTEAD: Cop-out or smart tip for shopping with kids? You decide. Personally, having the kids play cars on the living room floor, while I order groceries online, sounds like the perfect way, to me, to shop with kids.

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