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How Many Dads Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?

Do You Have Confidence In Your Man?

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I am a modern man, it seems.  A dad who enjoys spending time with his kids instead of sitting on the couch on a Sunday.  A dad who does the groceries and makes dinner. A dad who can't hang a curtain rod.

When faced with the question "do you have faith your husband can handle basic home repairs?", 61% of women answered "No."

My wife agrees.

Last week I had to hang a curtain rod for our Nanny. While pre-drilling the holes, I hit studs and punctured metal ducting.  When putting in the wall anchors, I hammered them so hard they shattered.  After an hour of sweating and cursing, the curtains went up, but I don't think they're straight.

Wives aren't the only ones with no trust in their husbands, most men are quick to give up the chase when faced with something on their "honey do" list.

3/4 of men say they will try to tackle the job, but if it gets as complicated as a cracked tile, they call in a pro.

We had a running toilet.  I went to the place where they promise I can do it with their help and asked all the right questions.  I needed to replace the flapper.  Okay, simple enough.  You can guess what happened next. I made the problem worse and ended up with a $200 plumbing bill.

The two tasks I couldn't finish off flummoxes about 1/2 of men.  I'm in good company.

I am, however, getting really good at resetting the pilot light in our furnace that keeps blowing out and I did, 3 summers ago, build a deck by myself. 

I've railed against the ads that position dads as a dumb doofus who can't light a campfire, change a diaper or find the right road. I might have to swallow that opinion.

What's your take? Do you have confidence in your man to get the little things done around the house?