Aug 13 2014

What Is YOUR Least Favourite Part Of Parenting?

Jenny Cavalleri Was Wrong About the Whole Love and Sorry Thing

by: Ali Martell

“Mama, what’s your favorite part about being a mom?”

Aug 8 2014

Do You Stalk Your Kids At Summer Camp?

hello mother, hello father

by: Ali Martell

When I went to overnight camp, we wrote letters home three times a week. For my parents, this was their only form of communication with me. I was gone for four weeks each summer (sometimes eight!) and my mom would have to sit and wait by the mailbox for any hints, signs, news from camp. She didn’t know what my friends looked like, if I was wearing clean clothes, or if I was even wearing a smile.

Now, it’s much easier to {stalk your kids and} get a sense of what your kids are doing at camp.

Jul 23 2014

Why Women Need To Say Yes To The Camera

Let's Change The Way We Think About Beauty

by: Ali Martell

Why Women Need To Say Yes To The Camera

There is a photo hanging in my mother’s house. It was the very last photo taken on May 13th, 1990, the day I was Bat Mitzvah-ed in an old once-Church of Scientology in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I was tired, irritated, annoyed, done.

I loathe this photo. Every time I pass it in the hallway, I cluck my tongue and utter an under-my-breath comment.


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