Dec 4 2014

Spoiler Alert: Let's Talk About Spoiler Etiquette

(Or is it too soon?)

by: Ali Martell

When my husband and I went to see The Sixth Sense in the theater, we were warned that we should expect A GAME-CHANGING TWIST! While I sat down with my bag of popcorn bigger than my face and wondered why the young Mischa Barton needed to vomit so much in the movie, my husband had been thinking about the game-changing twist. And around the time that Mischa Barton was vomiting, he turned to me and said this:

“Bruce Willis is dead.”

Oct 7 2014

Dear Internet: It Seems This Time I Was Wrong

Some things don't stay the same

by: Ali Martell

I stumbled upon this photo in my flickr archives last night. (Remember when we used flickr?)

It's of Emily jumping in front of my camera. In 2009. 

It's funny, this find. Because it was just days after I was out for a walk with Emily, who jumped in front of my camera. In 2014. 

Obviously, I had to share my findings on Instagram. So I did, with the caption: 2009. 2014. Some Things Never Change.

Sep 18 2014

Laugh Lines Are Reminders Of A Life Full Of Laughter

and other conversations we need to have with our daughters

by: Ali Martell

Laugh Lines Are Reminders Of A Life Full Of Laughter

Last night I was getting ready to go out with friends — it was the end of a really long weekend filled with friends and family and fun. I was in the bathroom putting on my face and fretting over a necklace choice.

"Mama?" said my youngest daughter, who is newly nine. "Don't spend too much time picking a necklace or makeup. You are so beautiful even when you just wear your jammies and no makeup at all."


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