Apr 9 2014

A Jeep Girl Once More: A Social Media Tale

How we turned Around a really bad service situation

by: Ali Martell

I am a Jeep girl. 

Apr 5 2014

The Best Frozen Covers On The Internet...

...According To The Martell Kids

by: Ali Martell

So yes. In addition to having to live though the live version of our very own ETERNAL WINTER this year, it has been Frozen all the time around here. The movie, the soundtrack, the YouTube singalong videos, and the covers. The covers! 

Mar 7 2014

10 Shows To Binge-Watch

...what to do when your kids go to bed

by: Ali Martell

Hi, I’m Ali. And I was raised by my television.

Well, we can pretend that I was raised by my dad and stepmom and mom and stepdad and grandparents and nannies, depending on the day, but in all reality, it was the television that turned me into the ever-quoting, boob-tube addict you see before you.



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Ali Martell is a writer, an ellipticizer, a mother, a wife, a lion-tamer, a diet coke quitter, a juggler, a getter-of-drinks. She drinks her coffee a little sweet and a little light. She likes the smell of clean sheets and the feel of almost everything from anthropologie.

She likes to quote movies, eat cookie dough, and read on her iPhone. She is Canada’s Emma Pillsbury and Annie Edison and her three unintentionally hilarious children tell her that she is a DOF (destroyer of fun). She is learning to use her camera better and love her thighs more.

She is the editor-in-chief at Yummy Mummy Club by day, and a helper-with-homework and expert snuggler by night. 

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