Vaccines: Myths Vs. Facts

The Truth About Immunizations

Google words like: vaccines or immunizations, and millions of pages of information are at your fingertips in less than a second. To sort through that info is no simple task. In this webisode Dr. Kim Foster tackles the topics of vaccine myths to provide you with solid facts so you can feel more confident in making decisions about your own child’s vaccinations.

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Multi-tasking moms juggle hundreds of things a day but you don’t want to drop the ball when it comes to your child’s immunization schedule. Here's more info to help you de-mystify vaccinations:

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  Read about the resurgence of diseases that were previously under control and how important it is to protect your kids with immunization.

  Watch this webisode to learn why parents of children with asthma need to pay special attention to their child's vaccination schedules.

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