Read This - And Then GO TO BED.

Getting a goodnight's sleep is incredibly important for our health and happiness, and doubly (or should we say double-double) so after you become a parent. Yet it’s when we’re raising our kids we’re the most exhausted! 

YummyMummyClub surveyed parents on their sleep habits. Want to know what we found out?  54% of respondents are chronically tired, with an additional 19.5% answering "extremely tired." Over a third are getting only 6 hours average per night, far below the recommended 7 - 8 hours of optimal sleep for adults. 

And we can’t just blame the little ones or late-night teens for our sleep issues - almost 30% of us can’t sleep at night from stress. Lack of sleep + stress = an unhappy life, so we’re here to help. Read on for some great tips on getting your best Zzzz's, as well as real-life, tangible tips to bust that stress monster down to a manageable size. And then, for heaven's sake - go to bed!

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