Alanna McGinn: A Good Night's Sleep


Sleep Your Way to Looking Great

Diet, schmiet. Just go to bed.


On Mother's Day we get to focus on us. We spend our days and nights with our children, our work, and our partners at the top of the list. But one day of the year we get to choose us and what better time to spoil yourself a bit then at bedtime when the house is quiet and everyone is sound asleep. These bedtime beauty tricks will complete the perfect Mother's Day for you.

Do It Yourself Facelift

Forget botox and surgery. Simply changing the position of how you sleep can protect your skin of wrinkles. If you are a stomach or side sleeper it’s time to make a change and have gravity work in your skins favour. Roll over and start sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your face not only results in a puffier look but the constant sleep lines from your pillow, with time, begin to stick around. Sleeping on your back will give yourself a natural facelift while also sleeping in the best position for your backs alignment.

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Enjoy Silky Slumbers

Splurging on a silk pillowcase may not be ideal but if you are constantly battling frizzy hair and dry skin it may be a worthwhile investment. Why silk and not cotton? Besides being an ancient Chinese beauty secret, silk is less absorbent than cotton leaving your face freshly moisturized throughout the night and not stripping away your facial creams like your current cotton pillowcase. Silk itself, with mulberry charmeuse being the silk of choice, is known to be anti-aging containing natural proteins anti aging amino acids.

Added bonus! Kiss your frizz goodbye! Your hair won’t go through a night of rubbing and catching as it lays gently on your new smooth surface.

Create Your Own Evening at the Spa

I get that life happens. You worked late, kids got sick, or you were binge watching Call the Midwife - if you haven’t yet seriously, do it. Your usual bedtime routine consists of dragging your butt to bed and you’re lucky if you have the energy to take off your makeup. Well we should all try to make an effort, at least 3 to 4 nights a week, where you create your own personal spa like setting - facials included - during your bedtime routine. Swap Netflix for a relaxing bath with your lavender oil while surrounded with candles and don’t ignore your skin health. When your body becomes overtired it becomes stressed, releasing the stress hormone cortisol. In excess amount, cortisol can break down skin collagen, which is the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic.

So less sleep = more wrinkles.

If you can’t give your skin a sleep facial, keep your skin fresh and glowing with exfoliating regularly using a deep sonic cleanse product like my personal favourite the Clarisonic Plus, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Our house likes to use the OURS Anything Balm because mom, dad, and children can use it for pretty much anything!

Replace Dieting With Sleep

What if I told you that you could avoid gaining weight by sleeping more? Pretty awesome, right? Studies have shown us that sleeping and eating are linked and when we are sleep deprived we can have an increase in appetite and consume more calories and larger amounts of carbohydrates. Frequent sleep loss means that levels of the appetite-suppressing hormone, leptin decreases and can’t signal to the brain that you are full.  Also when you feel tired you tend to crave sugar and lack of sleep can lead to insulin resistance and because your body can’t get the sugar out, it craves more sugar. This can be a leading cause in obesity, exhaustion, and even diabetes.

Tip! Stick to consistent sleep patterns with 7-8 hours of sleep nightly and maintain a healthy nutritional diet, and kick the meal shakes and fad diets to the curb!

Lastly don’t forget your mind needs a beauty rest too. Before bed each night focus on the positive and write down 3 positive things of your day. If you are worried or feeling stressed write them down to release them from your mind before you go to sleep.

So go ahead, get to bed with your sleep mask and earplugs and don’t forget to tell dad he needs to get up with the kids in the morning.

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