The Importance of Play

And Not Just For The Kids

Mmmhmm you read it right, I said For-Play – and now that I’ve captured your attention Ladies, I want to discuss a little matter with you – a matter of Play. 

We know the importance of Play for our children from a cognitive development, social, psychological and educational perspective.  What we fail to recognize is the importance of Play in Adulthood. Play helps us relax, it promotes creativity, creates social bonds, and most importantly re-connect with who we are as Women first – something I hear in my Life Coaching practice ALL the time – how we lose who we are as Women once we become a Mom.

Ladies, I want you to grab your to-do lists right now!  How many things on your list are dedicated to promoting your health and well-being – mind, body and spirit.  How many things on your list are devoted to Play time for you – I bet you it’s less than 3 and probably closer to 0!  So how can we as busy Moms with busy lives and busy kiddos incorporate a little Play into our lives? 

Here are a few tips to get you started from the 8 million that are bouncing around in my head for you:

  Define what Play time is for YOU – reading a book, skipping rope, hoola-hooping, riding your bike, making crafts, playing a musical instrument – WHATEVER floats your boat and by the way, try and think of things that you can do WITHOUT the kids that is just for YOU!

  Decide how much time you can devote to Play per day, month or week – SCHEDULE IT IN!

  Find "Play Accomplices" who will share in your new For-Play Philosophy of Living!

  Be patient with yourself!  It takes 60 – 90 days to create a new habit – we usually give up after 2 weeks (or for some of us, 2 minutes!).

  Ditch all those negative peeps who believe that Play is just for kids – kick ‘em to the curb and leave them behind in your dust!

  Have Fun!  If it’s not fun, it’s not Play!

So there you are Ladies – so go out and have a little For-Play!

Laurel Crossley-Byers, B. A. Crazy, Busy Mom, TV Host, Life Coach, Parent Educator, and Certified Adult Educator, is the founder of ©Opti-Mom.  She has spoken to over 15,000 individuals through their community workshops, seminars and presentations.  2005 saw the birth of ©Opti-Mom as a direct result of Moms clamouring for support from Laurel.

Laurel is dedicated to supporting family health and well-being within communities through Social Media, ©Opti-MomTV, Mom Coaching, Seminars and Workshops.