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Name Dropping at Blissdom Canada

My Weekend of Bliss

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to spend my time with some pretty cool people. It all started Friday with a big YMC gathering because almost everyone was in town for the Blissdom Canada conference.

This meant hanging with some seriously cool people. My very favourite blogger in the world, Earnest Girl, was there along with almost every other YMC blogger, the PR people we work with, the one and only Journey Woman and of course, Erica Ehm.

From there, I went to the opening ceremonies of Blissdom Canada where I met @HerBadMother in the hallowed halls of the CBC.

Friday, after hearing Kathy Buckworth speak, I was fortunate enough to go for dinner with Maureen Dennis, Alison Burke and Jeff Pulver.

Saturday was a pretty big day as well. I sat in on 3 panels, one with Eric Alper, Laura Berg (who is in fact married to Moe Berg, sorry Tom for calling you a jackass when you asked) , Alison Kramer and Jeff Pulver, the 2nd with Dee Brun (AKA The Cocktail Deeva), Gail Vaz-Oxlade, Kimberly Seldon, Patty Sullivan and Julie Cole. I may have told Gail Vaz-Oxlade that her show (Till Debt Do Us Part) is banned from my house. I can’t handle how my husband gets after watching... it’s not good for my retail therapy.

The 3rd panel was with Ann Douglas, Theresa Albert, Jen Reynolds and Nadine Silverthorne.

Now those are some pretty big names, and as a writer/blogger I was over the moon, but this is how the conference ended for me:

Yes, that is Jordan Knight singing to me at a Karaoke party. While I was more of a rock kinda girl when NKOTB were big, I certainly knew who they were, and I have to tell you he was a total sweetheart.

I’d say it was a pretty good weekend.