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Kellogg's to Add Peanut Flour to Keebler and Austin Crackers

Products No Longer Safe for People with Peanut Allergies

ALLERGY ALERT: Peanut flour being added to these popular kids' snack items

Kellogg's has apparently decided to add peanut flour to both the Keebler and Austin lines of snack crackers. 

Oh, Kellogg's, what are you thinking? You're taking products that are super popular with young kids, (and were one of the few things that are safe for those with peanut allergies), and you're adding a potentially deadly ingredient like peanut flour to them? Why? 

The problem isn't just that Kellogg's is adding peanut flour to the crackers, it's that these aren't products people would even think contained nuts, making it even more difficult to explain to those without allergies how to ingredient screen and read labels. I just can't get past, "WHY?".

It's not even just the peanut butter varieties they're messing with. Why the addition of an ingredient that is dangerous to so many people in a product that is so popular? It makes little sense to me, and the allergy world is in an uproar. There is a petition asking Kellogg's to rethink the ingredient addition, and more information on the FARE site.

In this announcement from FARE,  they note that products will be affected starting this month (April, 2016). The crackers look like these things, in the little snack packs that kids eat, ohhhh, pretty much everywhere:

From FARE, I'm sharing these product packages, too:

I can't seem to find an official press release from Kellogg's and am not sure if these products are in Canada, but I want you all to be safe and aware, so am sharing this widely to be on the safe side. 

Always read labels, even if it's a product you've purchased in the past. Even the most diligent label-readers can make mistakes, so read and re-read carefully! 

If you'd like to reach out to Kellogg's you can contact them via:

Kellogg's Canada Customer Service
Keebler Facebook Page
Kellogg's Canada Facebook Page
Austin Crackers Facebook Page

Stay safe, everyone.

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