Bio Oil: BUSTED!

Scar Treatment or Hype?

Bio Oil: BUSTED!

Recently I got a phone call at my office from a consumer who wanted to know if she should use Bio Oil to treat her stretch marks.

I have seen Bio Oil before, my sister actually was using it. One day I was at a drug store with her, just doing some Saturday shopping, when I saw it in her cart. Having not heard of it before I asked her what it was.

"Treats scars and stretch marks," she said.

"Curious," I replied "let me see it."

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Of course I was interested because I know the success rate of so called scar treatments being sold over the counter. I have never really been that impressed by any of them.

Sure enough the ingredient list revealed the formula could not possibly live up to the over hyped claims made by this product.

Bio Oil claims (with a published study):

". . . is efficacious in improving the appearance of scars. After 8 weeks 92% of subjects showed an improvement."

What they don't tell you about the study:

1.  There were only 36 subjects tested—not at all a large enough sample to find any true results.

2.  They do not state exactly what the improvements were—was it a 5% improvement or a 95% improvement?

3.  What was it tested against? Yes there was a placebo but did they test it against other products of similar formula?

Here is why point #3 is so important:

Bio Oil contains 29 ingredients of which four are plant extracts found in almost every body product on the market, two are vitamins used in every cosmetic formula I have ever reviewed, one is mineral oil (think baby oil), and everything else is slip agents, fillers, fragrance or dyes.

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Bio Oil  ($10 - $25 for 60 mL)




1. Oil that will take time to absorb and can ruin fabrics.

2. Not one significant ingredient to improve scarring that cannot be found in numerous formulas for less money.

3. Extremely overpriced (as much as $0.20 per mL).

4. Presented as a near medical option when the formula itself is basically a scented baby oil.

This product is dressed up as a near medical option for scar treatment but is, in reality, as run of the mill as they come. The studies proving is effectiveness are misleading and incomplete while the actual formula itself is so basic you could buy a bottle of vitamin E enriched baby oil and get the same results.

Over-priced, over-hyped and certainly not worth the money.


Meet The Beauty: BUSTER! In Person

Daniel Thompson Beauty Autumn Tour

Meet The Beauty: BUSTER! In Person

Twice a year I go on the road with one goal in mind:  to meet as many Yummy Mummy Club members as I can.

I am always so happy to meet readers and answer their questions in person—for all of you who have thought it would be great if I could go shopping with you, or demonstrate a technique you want to perfect or simply help you understand your cosmetics better this is your chance.

Over September and October I will be travelling across Eastern Canada and I welcome you to visit one of these great retail stores where I will be available to answer all your questions, in person, as well as show you the latest trends for Autumn make up.

Please do stop by, or better yet make a personal appointment to have a one-on-one consultation with me.

Some things to know:

1.  All of these events are open to the public

2.  Anyone who makes a reservation can have me create a personal look for them

3.  I encourage you to bring your make-up bag to the store so I can personally help you evaluate your cosmetics

In studio I normally charge $250 for a personal appointment but if you make a reservation, at any of these events, you get the consultation absolutely free!

Space always books up quickly so make sure to reserve a spot right now. 

I will be in the Maritimes in October and will post dates very soon!


September 8

Sue Lawrence Salon - 550 Queen Street, Fredericton, NB (506) 457 2922


September 11

Daya Spa - 200 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa, ON (613) 244 4333



September 15

Terra20 - 2685 Iris Street, Ottawa, ON 1 (855) 837 7220



September 18

Andrews - 55 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON (416) 969 9991




Mineral L'Apéro by Daniel Thompson Beauty

Your Sneak Peek at Autumn 2012

Mineral L'Apéro by Daniel Thompson Beauty

Last week I showcased the new make-up trends for 2012. The top designers are showing such a contrast of colours and textures. Autumn 2012 looks to be a fun season for make-up lovers.

Daniel Thompson Beauty launches our newest collection on September 4, 2012.

Here is a special sneak peek just for YMC readers. 


Daniel Thompson Beauty focuses on structured sophistication for Autumn/Winter 2012. Inspired by the after-five elegance of the City of Light, I have created a glamorous collection of striking contrasts. Mineral L’Apéro evokes that very special time of day when work is finished but home has not yet beckoned; c’est l’heure de l’apéro!

This season make-up is defined with contradictions, placed carefully side-by-side, to create a physical manifestation of my favourite time of day. Dark and light are mixed to create soft tones one moment then atmospheric depth the next.

Mineral L’Apéro is rich excess and sleek absence all at once!

For Autumn/Winter I drew inspiration from that special hour when day has not quite ended but night has not yet begun. When work is over, but the toils of home have not yet commenced. A special moment when there is a pause simply to breathe and imbibe. I envisioned a woman who turns an office suit into a party dress simply by letting down her hair. She is intelligent and secure. She is chic and alluring. She owns this fragile moment in time. Mineral L’Apéro is my interpretation of this fleeting hour.


Mineral L’Apéro is:

Mineral Eyeshadow Palette—new format, new shades, new product



Gentle, safe and fortified with skin conditioning agents. Create the hottest trend look with just one palette containing all the essentials for the eyes. These trios are comprised of coordinating matte and shimmer shades and a special “smoke” palette for creating that sought after effect.

Suggested Retail $65.50 (7g)





The Powderliner —new shade


A pure mineral eyeliner that is easy to blend to create the perfect smoky eye. Comes complete with blending applicator.

Suggested Retail $38 (1g)


Absolute Colour—new shades, new product




Lipstick, lip liner, and blush in one! Advanced formula offers colour saturation and shine in a weightless cream formula.

Suggested Retail $29 (5g)



This new collection will be available in store starting September 4 and next week I will let you know where you can meet me in person and have me do your make-up for free!

Stay tuned!