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An Attitude of Gratitude

There Are Many Things I'm Grateful For, Including Pretty Shoes

If you read my last post about miscarriage, you’ll know that it was much more personal than I typically feel comfortable sharing. I’m just a naturally private person. For whatever reason, I find it really hard to share my very personal experiences with anyone but those I’m closest to. But after I wrote the post, the most fascinating thing happened. I realized that I had a lot more wonderful people in my life than I was even remotely aware of. I had friends that I haven’t spoken to in ages message me to say they were thinking of me. I had near strangers write me to say they were praying for me. I mean, I barely have time to pray for myself and these kind strangers were going to offer their time to pray on my behalf? That’s incredibly touching and it made me appreciate just how truly blessed I am.

So in the light of these feel-good feelings, I’m doing something a little different from my usual whining and griping and complaining. I’m taking a minute to reflect on everything that I’m grateful for in my life. Okay, fine—maybe not everything and maybe just a few things that come to mind right now. Everything would be tedious to write and not to mention, read.

 My family. My adorable daughter who is my life. My husband who puts up with my special type of crazy. My mom and dad who always try to fix everything, even those things that don’t need fixing but they deem unacceptable. My siblings who I wouldn’t be able to function without, who else would tell me all my faults and wrongdoings?

 My friends. The ones who I can count on and who take the time to write, call, email, text, bbm, whatever. Especially the ones who make me laugh with our code nicknames and shared disdain of the world. Even the ones who haven’t been there because it makes me appreciate the good ones even more.

 Decaffeinated lattes from Starbucks that taste like the real deal. Now that’s advanced science at its best.

 The Playbook tablet. A lifesaver when I need a few minutes of calm away from the tornado that is my daughter. Thank you, Blackberry. I owe you one but that still doesn’t mean I’m buying shares any time soon. Just saying.

 Bio-Oil. Stretch-mark free and I’m giving it all the credit. I suppose the fact that my mom has no stretch marks is also on my side but that’s beside the point.

 Pretty shoes. A mummy still wants to feel good when she’s gaining more weight than she thought humanly possible and I’ve found that pretty shoes are the easiest way to do that. On that note, I cannot wait to start wearing boots for fall. Love, love, love.

 Google. How else am I supposed to know which size fruit my baby is without Google? It would be near impossible. That’s critical and necessary information to have. FYI, my baby’s now the size of a large mango.

 Chocolate. This one is self-explanatory. And if you don’t know why, then we can’t be friends anyway.

So that’s my list of gratitude for today. I have to say that it feels good to write it down. I’m pretty sure this is what contentment feels like. Yep, I definitely know that’s a smile on my face.

Maybe you have a list of gratitude too? I'd love to hear it!