Cute and Casual Summer Dresses

All for under $50

Cute and Casual Summer Dresses

I used to work in an adorable downtown office building and because of this, I worked very hard to perfect my adorable downtown office girl wardrobe. I had lots of dresses and sweaters and tops and heels.

Now, though, I work from home. My wardrobe now looks a lot more like t-shirts and cardigans and jeans while I stare longingly at my lovely office clothing.

In the summer, though, it's a little too stifling and hot to wear jeans and cardigans, even if I spend most of the day inside in my air-conditioned home office.

Cue the cute and casual summer dresses! They are comfy and stretchy and perfect for sitting at my desk and working, and running errands with the kids, and even sitting by the pool while the kids swim. Here are some of my personal favorites, and they are all under $50 CDN. Well, $50.23, to be exact.

1. Sightseeing Striped Sash Belt Dress, $48.99, Ruche

2. Skater Dress With Wrap Front, $44.85, ASOS

3. Cotton Stripe Printed Dress, $34.99, MayKool

4. Ruched Neck Tank Dress, $25 (on sale!), LOFT

5. Skater Dress in Sweat, $50.23, ASOS

6. Printed Drawstring Dresses, $25, Old Navy