Style Me: Glasses Edition

Should I Buy these?

Style Me: Glasses Edition

Should I buy these glasses?

If you didn't already know, I'm obsessed with glasses, especially those that straddle the line of hipsterdom. 

And ever since I tried these on, I haven't been able to stop thinking about them.

So, help me help me.



Glee Fashion: Prom Edition

In Which I Lust After Rachel Berry's Prom Dress

Glee Fashion: Prom Edition

While many people watch Glee for the music—and admittedly, sometimes I do—I watch for the fashion. I love to pick out all of the anthropologie sweaters of Emma Pillsbury's or dresses of Quinn's that currently hang in my closet. But mostly, I love to covet every single thing about Rachel Berry, even down to her horse sweaters and knee socks. 

It's like a fun game for me.

Insead of the game I could be playing: How does a teenager afford this lovely and enviable wardrobe full of many, many pea coats and Kate Spade dresses?

I play this game instead: How can I afford to get this lovely and enviable wardrobe full of many, many pea coats and Kate Spade dresses?

This season, I was excited to see what Rachel Berry was going to wear to the prom, because I knew, undoubtedly that I was going to love it...or I was going to hate it. 

Survey says: LOVE

I thought she looked stunning in her Mignon Layered Organza Strapless Sweetheart Mermaid Dress.

And now, of course, I have to have it. 

I just have to figure out how to explain to my husband that I need a $398 prom dress to work from my home office. Obviously. 

Photos: FOX and Mignon


Who Needs a Boat to Be Nautical?

Not This Girl

Who Needs a Boat to Be Nautical?

Fun fact: I am terrified of boats.

It's not in a OHMYGODWEAREONTHETITANIC! fear of sinking or hitting large icebergs, though. And it's not in a {cue the music from JAWS} fear of beaten eaten by large sea creatures kind of fear either. It's a fear of a) being out of control (You'll soon learn that I tend to be a wee bit of a control freak) and b) being sick. I mean, one can only read so many articles about cruise ships being hit with the Norwalk virus before the word TREND starts flashing before one's eyes. And those eyes would belong to me.

So, not a fan of boats.

BUT, huge fan of everything nautical.


In my head, I love boats. 

In my head, this is me. Living the high life on a boat, surrounded by a gaggle of nautically-themed children. 

One day I will learn to properly tie a head scarf that looks more Jackie Kennedy and less Sloth-as-Pirate from The Goonies.

Lofty goals, I have them.

Another goal of mine? 

Procure this dress. It's time my closet full of stripes meets some lovely gingham-y checkers. 

(It's on sale for $54.99 at

And this dress. 

(It's $95.00, from Shabby Apple.)

...Just not the boat. 

Hero image credit: The Bowtiefactory, on Etsy