How I Survived The Summer As A Superhero

What we have suspected all along is true—mothers are superheroes!

How I Survived The Summer As A Superhero

What we have suspected all along is true—mothers are superheroes. Some of our powers include: eyes in the back of our headsbeing able to sense what our children are up to even when we can’t physically see them, ultrasonic hearinghearing them utter a choice word from four rooms away, and a sixth senseknowing in advance that they should take a coat along because the weather is going to turn cold. Although I possess all these motherhood super powers, there are days when all I wish for is the Cloak of Invisibility, so I can go to the “loo” without someone banging on the door.  

That said, I think that perhaps our biggest superhero moments come from how we deal with the day-to-day calamitiesI’ve certainly had my share this summerand learning from our non-superhero moments, which I’ve also had. My short list is below!

Okay, let’s start with the good first!

Superhero moments:

  • Arranging and getting kids to various camps, sporting events, and activities, and never once leaving someone somewhere they were not supposed to be.
  • Going on a family holiday and ending up in a hurricane! Being without power for most of it, driving a half hour away to shower in a stinky community hockey arena, and still managing to enjoy the vacation!
  • Even though all my kids turned into “The Bickersons” after having too much quality time together, I succeeded in keeping my cool with them.                        

The list of being a mere human mother is way longer, but my best Non-Superhero moment is below.

Winning non-superhero moment:

  • Just the other day, on the first day of school, I had a morning show filming six live segments from my house so I could share all of my amazing back-to-school organization tips with their viewers. Imagine my horror when two of my children returned home because I sent them to school a DAY EARLY. Yep, I’ve nailed organization all right. Let me be your trusted voice and council when it comes to all things children and organization.

How have you survived summer? Did you have to put on your superhero cape a few times?

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