The Hallowe'en Hangover

What to do with all the loot?

The Hallowe'en Hangover

According to my calculations, six kids equal a ridiculous amount of Hallowe’en candy. Parents always wonder: do we let them gorge and be done with it or do we portion it out over an extended period of time? I checked in with nutritionist pal, Theresa Albert, who basically said it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other. Her advice? Get rid of it altogether—you really don’t want your kids consuming that much sugar.

Looking for fun and creative ways to dispose of it? See if you can convince your little sugar monsters to try one of these:

 The “Switch Witch." This special character visits your home and replaces bags of candy with a toy or a few little presents.

 Pinterest. A mom pal took to Pinterest when looking for ideas and found plenty. Now she has used some of the candy to make up Advent calendars for the kids!

 Ditch or donate it. Check in with your dentist! Sometimes they have trade-in programs to keep the sugar bugs off those little pearly whites. Some have even set up a program where they send the treats over to Canadian Troops.

 Eat it yourself. Speaking from experience, this never ends well. OK, don’t eat it, but tell them you did. Just be sure to take cover.