3 Important Life Lessons Your Tween Should Know

3 WISE INVESTMENTS you can give your tween and early teen

3 Important Life Lessons Your Tween Should Know

Parenting tweens

The tween and teen years can be awkward. As some of my kids approach this age, I’ve pulled in some professionals to help teach them skills that will come in handy as they navigate this tricky phase of life.

Etiquette Class

Yes, of course my kids are taught manners and do not act like animals at the table. But I wanted them introduced to more formal dining etiquette that they're not generally exposed to. I also thought it would be useful for them to understand the importance of manners and first impressions as they enter into adulthood. And so I sent them off to etiquette class! They sat through a 3-course meal, learned everything there is to know about which fork to use when, and all sorts of amazing tricks to help them remember the rules of formal dining. Much to their surprise, they loved it so much that I received beautiful thank you letters from each of them to show their appreciation for the opportunity. I’m thankful for Lisa Orr Etiquette classes for turning my hooligans into proper little people!

Nutrition Class

As kids get older, they have more autonomy and make a lot of their own choices. I thought it would be useful for them to better understand nutrition so that they are equipped to make healthy food choices when outside of the home. Laura from Williamson’s Wellness came to our house and engaged my kids in an amazing session on nutrition, reading food labels and sharing information about health and wellness. My kids were completely fascinated and implement what they learned that day. We have continued to have an on-going discussion around healthy food choices.

Skin Care

A local mom who has a skincare business came and visited my kiddos and talked to them about skin types and skin care. The timing couldn’t be better as a few of mine are entering the acne phase of life. She taught them about proper cleaning, moisturizing and protecting your skin from the sun. My kids were delighted with all they learned and are facing their acne years with some knowledge and know how!

So now I can re-name each of my children “Miss Manners” and they can smile back at me with their acne-free faces while preparing a kale salad. Okay, let’s be real – they’re still my kids - but giving them a little extra confidence in these areas has gone a long way.

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