9 Smart Baby Gifts Moms Will Actually Use

Top Gifts Picks from a Mom of 6

9 Smart Baby Gifts Moms Will Actually Use


I can’t believe my sixth and final baby is now five years-old. Just because I don’t have a baby in the house, that doesn’t mean I am not still completely obsessed with amazing baby products. My wonderful friend, Shelley Boudah recently had baby Cosette, and I’ve had so much fun watching her explore the world of baby products for her kids.

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Along with checking out her awesome gear, I’ve found some other goodies that excited me!

1. WubbaNub

This adorable pacifier is made of medical grade silicone and is BPA free. The soft plush portion provides comfort to the touch and makes it so much easier for the baby’s little hands to grasp and manipulate the pacifier independently. This means fewer bouncing, rolling and lost pacifiers. No mama wants to spend time rooting around the stroller, diaper bag or crib trying to find a soother.                                       

2. Susy the Soother Fairy

Although we love the WubbaNub, eventually the time comes to give up our beloved soothers, and Susy does a great job of helping this process along! Check out this adorable book when it’s time to say goodbye to the soother in your house.                                                                                            

3. Baby Wisp – Baby’s First Accessory

Most hair clips fall out of a wee baby’s hair because, let’s face it – there’s often not much hair there!  The trick? Baby Wisp’s mini latch clip which makes it nearly impossible for your baby to pull it out of her hair. It doesn’t slide out or fall off either.                                                                             

4. Munch Mitt – Baby Teething Mitten

Got a drooling, teething monkey in your house? Try out the undroppable, unstoppable teething mitt. Made with food grade silicone and BPA and Phthalate-free, the mitt is both convenient for parents and fun for babies.  

Give your little one the gift of self-managing teething relief.                                                                                                           

5. Mabel’s Labels 

Parents are often overwhelmed with all the “stuff” associated with a baby. How can one little baby have so much? Well, they do. And you certainly don’t want to lose it or have another family mistake your expensive items as one of theirs! That’s where the Mabel’s Labels Baby Combo comes in handy!

6. Jennifer Ann – One of a Kind Style

Personalized blankets and clothing? YES, PLEASE. Enough said. As a big fan of personalization, these made me pretty much geek out.                                                      

7. mimiTENS

Are you sick of mittens and booties that fall off your babies? Yeah, join the club. Well, these ones are not falling off and they’re made with eco-friendly fabrics that are soft and safe for baby’s skin.                 

8. Baby Brain Organics

We all want healthy, strong babies, and some mamas feel nervous that  their ittle ones are not getting everything they need. Adding one tablespoon of  Baby Brain Organics pure ground seeds to each meal is an easy way to boost the nutrition in your child's diet. It provides them with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber and iron – all essential for healthy brain and body development. Eat up!                                                                                                                                                    

 9. Mally Bibs

There are lots of great leather items to check out on this site and I love it all! Their most popular product is their leather bib and it’s easy to see why. Check out their site to design and order your own. Cute and practical, this is a must-have.


Baby Image Source: Laura Rowe