Jun 19 2011

Geovin Chairs

How you can win a customized chair for your home

by: Sarah Gunn

If you read this recent post then you can tell I am in a patriotic kind of mood these days. I recently have had my eye on a Canadian furniture company thanks to my friends, Leigh-Ann Allaire and Vanessa J Francis so I was thrilled when they wanted to be a Wall Candy sponsor.

Jun 6 2011

Canada From Eh to Zed

Canada Day Themed Décor

by: Sarah Gunn

Canada Day is coming up and if you know me at all by now, you know I look for any excuse to change the art in my home.

Jun 2 2011

Nice Cans

Crafty Project for Food Cans

by: Sarah Gunn

Here is a super easy crafty project to give your old cans new life. I am talking food cans. Obviously. You are reading the wrong blog altogether if you are looking for ways to improve your other cans.

All you need is pretty paper, clean food cans, scissors {or a paper cutter} and double sided tape to take your cans from this:

to this:

How to:

Measure the can



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Sarah Gunn loves interior design almost as much as she loves her two adorable boys and her hot husband. 

She has had a vision her whole life of her dream house. You know. The mansion that sits on the ocean with a pool and the massive wrap around porch. And a butler. Then she grew up. Turns out life isn't a fairytale and she's not exactly living in a castle. In fact, her house is in constant need of design intervention. Little things like children, exhaustion and budgets get in the way.

But this story does have a happy ending: years of experience watching decorating shows and clipping ideas from her favourite design magazines have equipped Sarah with the mad decorating skills she needs to turn anyone's house into the home of their dreams with great tips, tricks and inspiration. 

Join Sarah each week as she shares DIY projects, inspiration and her favourite new décor finds...all on a budget every mummy will love.

Sarah has recently had a dream of a lifetime come true: she now shares her mad DIY skills on the popular show, CityLine. She is also now designing spaces for children. If this is all a dream, then please don't wake her up. 

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