Apr 9 2014

How I Feel About Snow In April

today I reached my breaking point

by: Candace Derickx

This winter has been cruel. I like to think that I've handled it with grace to this point, but I will admit that the last couple of weeks have elicited some strong reactions from me. It can best be described as a grieving process. Grief over the spring that refuses to join us.

First, there was disbelief.

Then anger.

Mar 26 2014

Ten Tips for Grocery Shopping On a Budget

Bonus: Italian Sausage and Pasta Bow Ties Recipe

by: Candace Derickx

grocery shopping on a budget

The last couple of years have been nothing short of eye-opening for me. I *thought* that kids were expensive when they were first born. I mean, what could compare to cost of diapers and bottles and baby food? Let me tell you. The tween years!

In the last few years my daughters have picked up two expensive sports as extracurriculars—cheerleading and skiing. Then, the other night, they were discussing starting golf with us this summer. My wallet wept.

Mar 24 2014

This Lady Is Quitting Buzzfeed

And You Won't Believe What Happens Next

by: Candace Derickx

I’m taking a big step today. I’m a little afraid, because my addiction has become bigger than anything I could have imagined, but today I am quitting Buzzfeed. And Upworthy. And Trendify. And all other similar crack-like websites. Am I being glib equating these sites with crack cocaine? No, I don’t think so.



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