Mar 24 2014

Quick Weeknight Meal: Easy, Cheesy Perogies

A Recipe That's Ch-Easy Enough For Any Busy Weeknight

by: Maija Moments

Cheesy Perogies Recipe

Like so many moms, I am always trying to find new dinner options that are fast, easy, and worth the effort. 

When I found myself staring at a bag of frozen perogies in my freezer and a bunch of our favourite cheese in the fridge, I knew I would hit the jackpot if I could make cheese perogies even cheesier! And boy was I right!

Mar 16 2014

Slow Cooker Vodka Cream Sauce

This Busy Mom's Version Of A Restaurant Favourite

by: Maija Moments

Slow Cooker Vodka Cream Sauce

The first time I had pasta in Vodka Cream Sauce, I was in University and a few friends and I had gone out for dinner to celebrate a special occasion. We opted for a fancy-ish Italian restaurant (at least it felt fancy to me back waaaay back then) and there on the menu was Penne in Vodka Cream Sauce. I was always a fan of creamy pasta sauces (there was this one time, in grade school, when we went on a family vacation to Montreal and I ate nothing but Fettuccine Alfredo and Mussels with "frites" for a whole week's worth of lunches and dinners).

Mar 13 2014

Minecraft Pork Chop Dinner

Score The Highest Dinner Points With Your Minecraft-Lover

by: Maija Moments

Minecraft Pork Chop Recipe

When my son started asking for pork chops for dinner, I had absolutely no idea where he had even gotten the idea. I don't think I have ever actually made a pork chop and, in fact, I don't even remember eating them growing up. It turns out that he came up with the idea all on his own while playing, what elseMinecraft.



The Face, The Voice, The Blog!

Maija is a professional work-outside-the-home mom to 3+1 (the +1 being her teenage sister and not her husband). Recently, she’s gone from being a stressed out cop's wife and wanna-be stay-at-home-mom to moving 3,000kms across the country for a job opportunity for her.

Now she brings home ALL the bacon and is still expected to cook it! 

Maija has often said that she is a sometimes food mom which means that in her house there are everyday foods like fruits, veggies and homemade bread (okay once there was homemade bread—but it still counts!) and there are sometimes food like cookies, drive-thru meals and yes even dinners that call for canned soup in the list of ingredients. 

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