Aug 29 2014

5-Minute Basic Cheese Sauce Recipe

Because Cheese Makes Everything Taste Better

by: Maija Moments

5 Minute Basic Cheese Sauce

Every once in a while (okay a lot of whiles), I get a craving for cheese—especially in the cooler Canadian months. While I love baked cheesy pastas, cheesy appetizers, fondues, and pretty much anything else with cheese, sometimes cheese happens on a whim, like when you're steaming vegetables on a weeknight and only have 5 minutes to whip up this basic, but super yummy, cheese sauce.

Aug 18 2014

No-Bake Frozen Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

The Perfect Chocolate Graham Crust Summertime Dessert

by: Maija Moments

I love summer because it's the season of laid-back, easy-going outdoor entertaining. In the summer, it's perfectly acceptable to call friends up the day before and say bring your kids, a cooler of beverages, and a potluck item (sometimes even your own lawn chairs!), and come hang out by the pool, beach, or in the backyard for the day. I LOVE these kinds of invitations and have many go-to recipes that are perfect for summer barbecues, including this Frozen Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe, which just happens to be one of my husband's favourite desserts.

Aug 11 2014

What Busy Hockey Moms Really Do During The Summer

Plus, A Recipe For Easy No-Cook Strawberry Maple Jam

by: Maija Moments

What Hockey Moms Do During The Summer

I don't know if this happens to other hockey moms, but there seems to be a point in the summer when I finally realize that the hockey season is over and yet I'm still driving around with the hockey bag in the trunk. I'm so used to rushing to and from cold hockey arenas that piling groceries and beach toys on and around the over-stuffed hockey bag seems totally reasonable. Except it’s summer and the hockey season is officially over.

So what do hockey moms do in the summer?


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Now she brings home ALL the bacon and is still expected to cook it! 

Maija has often said that she is a sometimes food mom which means that in her house there are everyday foods like fruits, veggies and homemade bread (okay once there was homemade bread—but it still counts!) and there are sometimes food like cookies, drive-thru meals and yes even dinners that call for canned soup in the list of ingredients. 

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