Oct 7 2014

How Can I Store Turkey Leftovers Safely?

Five Simple Steps To Safely Store Turkey

by: Maija Moments

When it’s my turn to cook the turkey for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter, I almost always cook a larger bird than I need so that I have lots of leftovers.

Oct 7 2014

Slow Cooker Turkey And Stuffing Dinner

The Easiest Way To Get Thanksgiving On The Table

by: Maija Moments

Slow Cooker Turkey and Stuffing Dinner

I grew up balancing holidays between my mom, my dad, and even my stepfather and my stepmother’s families. I learned to eat my favourite things at each house (instead of filling up on everything at every meal) and became a master scheduler for every holiday. When my husband and I decided to move our family out West all of a sudden, it was just the five of us and the idea of cooking a turkey for only a few of us seemed ridiculous. I wish I had come up with this recipe back then.

Oct 6 2014

Did You Know You Can Do This When Buying Your Turkey?

Never fight for a drumstick again

by: Maija Moments

Does your family fight over the drumsticks?

Do you find yourself constantly refilling the “dark meat” turkey platter?

Do you buy the biggest turkey you can only to have bigger drumsticks and still find you don’t have enough?

Do you wish you had more dark meat leftovers for soups, stews, and other yummy turkey leftover favourites?


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Now she brings home ALL the bacon and is still expected to cook it! 

Maija has often said that she is a sometimes food mom which means that in her house there are everyday foods like fruits, veggies and homemade bread (okay once there was homemade bread—but it still counts!) and there are sometimes food like cookies, drive-thru meals and yes even dinners that call for canned soup in the list of ingredients. 

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