It's always that slippery slope when boy bands from our youth try to come back in their 40s but NKOTB may have hit the mark with their new album '10.'
Is this emerging band Canada's answer to One Direction? Watch Eleven Past One's video and tell us what you think.
Thousands of tissues coated in teen & tween tears have been shed over the announcement that Zayn Malik will be leaving One Direction.
if you're looking for new music in 2013, run, don't walk, to buy this new album that mixes Michael Jackson and Mozart and creates a Star Wars themed cello war.
In the early days it was easy to impose my music tastes on my daughter but it's only a matter of time before she develops a case of One Direction infection.
I heard the noise a block away but still wasn't expecting the huge crowd I encountered. Some kids had been there all night. I braced myself and joined them.
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Note to parents: If your kid is acting like a brat, don't behave like one yourself.