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Mom Auctions Teen's One Direction Tickets

A Punishment in the The Wrong Direction?

one direction

In case you missed it, public humiliation is all the rage when it comes to humiliating *ahem* disciplining today's teens. An Aussie mom decided to teach her daughter a hard lesson by auctioning off four tickets on eBay to see One Direction in Sydney. 

According to an article in the Huffington Post, the mother revoked the privilege due to her daughter's "self righteous and lippy attitude." But instead of teaching her teen a valuable lesson, in a haste she went and taught her and her "bitchy little friends" an altogether different kind of lesson. 

For many, the viral rant goes one too far, effectively making the mom sound like the snarky kid. Read the full posting here.
Did she have the right to sell the tickets as a punishment? Of course. A little harsh, maybe. But perhaps the sermon could have been saved for her own four walls.

Moral of the story: If your kid is acting like a brat, don't behave like one yourself.

But clearly not everyone took issue with this mom's method. At the time of writing, bidding for the coveted tickets came in at AU$24,000 (more than CD$23,000).
Not a bad markup for a punishment. Let's hope she uses the money to do something positive for her and her daughter.
Do you think public shaming, like the kind used by this mom, is effective or harmful?