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New Music From NKOTB

New Album '10'

My clear obsession for NKOTBnot-quite-restraining-order-level bias aside—I gotta say that their new album '10' is really really good.


There's always that slippery slope of boy bands from back in the day trying to come back with an album in their 40s (yes little Joey McIntyre is 40 years old — I'll give you a moment to digest that...) and making it sound like it belongs in 2013. And cue the current boy band world obsession with those UK boys 'One Direction.'

But the five boys from Boston managed to do just that...they stuck with the formula that they're good at and known for, and their latest offering '10' is worth the download on iTunes.

The first single released from the new album was 'Remix'...

But the song that I've had on repeat a kajillion times since I downloaded it from iTunes is 'Fighting Gravity'... The boy band loving girl in me was sighing at the lyrics from the first time I heard it...

Go on listen to it and let the NKOTB love flow. I mentioned that I'm going to their concert here in Ottawa at Scotiabank Place on June 4 right? Or was that already obvious?