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The Piano Guys

Five Musical Dads From Utah

The Piano Guys are five artists from different walks of life, who have built their own careers as a piano store owner, music producer, videographer, pianist and cellist.

Their unique musical approach and song covers, including, Beethoven to, One Direction, to Adele, their eclectic mix of classical, film score, rock, and pop favorites resonate with audiences across generations and from all walks of life and age groups. These five dads from Utah began making music videos together for fun and their “hobby” turned into a worldwide phenomenon when their self-made YouTube videos amassed over 130,000,000 views collectively.

Newly signed to Sony Masterworks, The Piano Guys released their self-titled major label debut back in October. Their album features highly original classical/pop music mash-ups that brings classical music to legions of new listeners, including “Michael Meets Mozart,” Michael being Michael Jackson; “Cello Wars,” which was brought to life by a Star Wars-inspired light saber/cello bow video battle; “Peponi (Paradise),” an African styled version of Coldplay’s "Paradise" and “Code Name Vivaldi,” which blends a The Bourne Identity soundtrack riff with a similarly intense Vivaldi cello.

Of course the CD wouldn’t be complete without the song that kicked off The Piano Guys’ international fame—their unique version of the One Direction hit “What Makes You Beautiful.” The video for this song was covered by media around the world and has over 7 million YouTube hits to date.

The Piano Guys are spurred by their desire to broaden the audience for classical music while inspiring young musicians. “Lots of parents are using our music to show their kids how fun classical music can be and motivate them to learn instruments,” says Schmidt. Adds Nelson: “We want to show people that it’s not at all about fame or money, but trying to be good dads, husbands, examples—and we hope they see that in our videos.”

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