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Consuelo Bernardi is a 40-something mummy of two.  She can't play an instrument or sing but is still obsessed with music like any proper wanna-be rock star at heart. 

Plays the part of radio announcer on MAJIC 100, Today's Soft Rock in Ottawa.

Still she always found the time to listen to music and make it a huge part of her life.  She has more CDs than she cares to count, spends hours trolling the world wide web for new music and her monthly downloading bill for her iPod?  Don’t even go there. 

So take a minute from your day and crank up the volume.  Motherhood isn't always pretty but at least your music will be damn hot.

Oh and her latest bragging rights? She was blocked by Paula Abdul on Twitter, she pinched Donnie Wahlberg's perfect ass twice and she had a song written about her by Canadian songer/songwriter James Struthers. Try and contain your seething jealousy.


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