You diligently bring your kids to the doctor for check-ups, but when was the last time you had yours?
Make this craft and crack the whip before the holidays and you may just find yourself fitting into your jeans come New Year's Day.
My word of the year is my philosophy or vision.
I've avoided public speaking for three years now, but when I started to listen to my friends instead of my head, I got out and did it.
This brings gaming to a whole new level. Earn points and socialize with your friends all while getting the workout you need.
My friend Kathy Buckworth started tweeting about this '14-day running challenge' I got intrigued. After all, I have recently started running again and I'm all for a challenge…
Not feeling motivated to run? Sign up for a race and run with a group of friends to keep you motivated.
To do list with "too much" on it
How perfection can lead to you doing nothing at all and how you can overcome the need for everything to be just-so.