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Kelli Catana is a 30ish mom of 4 kids under 10, wife to one lucky guy and lover of all things smutty!  Her love of all things Hollywood and celebrity pop culture began sometime around the introduction of Beverly Hills 90210; when her desire to become the next Kelly Taylor and attend West Beverly High was born!  Since those dreams never materialized (still holding out hope that Dylan will find her) she settled for consuming as much trashy tabloid info as possible!  Her love for  pop culture and celebrity gossip mags and blogs grew over the years until she became ‘the one to go to’ when any of her friends needed the goods on celebrity gossip. 

It also means she can tell you what the Stars are wearing, who they are dating and which Jonas Brother is which all while running her own online business from home!  She is addicted to bad reality tv, good reality tv and can navigate multiple gossip sites with ease!  She knows what tabloids are the ‘good’ ones and what tabloids are useful for lining the birdcage!   She can keep you up to date on who’s dating, who divorcing and who’s just plain old is hooking up!  And she’s not afraid to tell you what she really thinks of all of those celebs that we love to read about!

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