lessons learned in bali
You don't need to move to Bali to include these life changing lessons into your own life.
I had a moment of insight where I realized that Hollywood doesn't need to change....I do.
adoption perspectives
I was ashamed I thought this woman was going to confront me. Instead her words and the magnitude of her grace overwhelmed me. I think of that moment often.
letter to couple
Romantics at heart, get your hankies ready. A 65-year-old man from Barrie paid it forward by picking up the dinner tab of a young couple in love.
mystery businessman kind to child on plane
Want to feel happy? Read this article because it's nice to know there is kindness out in the world.
bill paid for child with special needs
Tired of reading only bad news? Here's your 'feel good' story of the day. Pass it along to anyone you know who would like to smile.
Why holding the door open for the person behind you means you'll have a happier, healthier, and longer life.
People say some really stupid things about food allergies.
For anyone who has ever said something this idiotic, where is the compassion and support for fellow humans? We all live on this planet together.
by: Alex Thom