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How to Stop Being a Pop Culture Curmudgeon

Why Hollywood doesn't need to change — I do.

I was just having a fascinating conversation over on Facebook with Jackie Gillard and #YMCCommunity member Christella Morris about Dallas Buyer's Club and how I really disliked it. We got to talking about a bunch of things and basically, I realized I'm sort of a misery about stuff around Oscar time every year. I power watch all the nominees (sometimes for a second time) I can fit in in the week leading up, I read everything, and I mentally prepare myself for all the goodness and spectacle that inevitably lets me down. I know it's coming. Part disappointment and part anti-climactic-up-too-late Sunday night. 

But, much like my recent stance on parenting, it's not what needs changing. I am. 

My perspective needs to shift, and it's going to be very hard for me. Why? Because I'm 2 parts Comic Book Guy and 3 parts Trekkie. I'm a miserable nerd who complains that the film (or TV show ahem GoT) didn't get it right. And all that does is make me insufferable and bloody annoying. 

So, while I can't promise to totally stop being miserable, I'm going to work better at being less grumpy and more excited. And I'm excited about all sorts of stuff. Like RuPaul's Drag Race S6 just starting up, and taking my kid to the CN Tower this week. Things are more awesome than not, and I've got to remember it. 

But, be prepared, all this cheer might make me happy or something. And we wouldn't want that, would we?

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