For the first time, I was able to have conversations in real time as myself, without uneasiness.
There are extreme cases where people can’t leave their home, but most agoraphobes are outside, interacting with the rest of the world.
Throughout my third pregnancy, I experienced debilitating moments of anxiety and sadness, and found myself unable to cope.
The tricky thing about anxiety is it doesn’t present itself the same way all the time.
I love gifts and shiny new things that I like. However, there are a few gifts I want to give myself... for my mental health.
I could hear my son screaming and crying as I walked away, and my heart broke into little shards that day.
by: Alex Thom
Tales of an adventurer
The balance isn't about keeping my daughter safe, it's about balancing the opinions of others.
Woman Walking in the Forest
There is a growing body of evidence and scholarly literature that points to the benefits of regular outdoor experiences.