Is It Okay To Wear Your Pajamas All Day?

If PJ's Are Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right

You have to wonder who came up with the brilliant idea of windows built into our front entrance doors.  Oh, I know the sun is lovely, the light so welcome, and the sunbeams so…wait a minute, how the hell am I supposed to pretend I’m not home?  

This isn’t meant to be an admission of my closet antisocial qualities or my unwillingness to engage with those who choose to drop by unannounced. (Although admittedly, there are teeny shreds of both deep down somewhere.  Seriously, who are you people and would it hurt you to call…oops, sorry, email or text first?)  No, this is simply accepting a fact of our household…we really, really like to dress down when we are home for the day.  And I mean dress down.

In fact, knock on our door late Sunday morning, you’re likely to find us all still in our pajamas.  Heck, Sunday afternoon you might find the same thing.   My five year old son is already a huge fan of “pj’s and bedhead all day” on Sunday.  He will actually get out of his pajamas and choose something new…perhaps a fleece pair with penguins printed all over?  Perfect.  And that rooster tail he’s sporting?  Just completes the look in our minds.  

Now this doesn’t mean I go wandering the neighbourhood in my jammies.  I actually do a pretty good job of pulling myself together when I go out: I can usually manage jeans and a blazer, maybe boots or sandals depending on the season.  At the very least, I’ll grab a bright hoodie and cute sneakers.  And yes, I wear makeup when I leave the house.  I fake it with the best.  But I’ve lost count of the times someone has knocked on our door at 5pm and found even my husband in his pj’s.  

A friend once had her mom make all of us matching pajama pants…in the most outrageous bright orange flannel with, I’m not even kidding, glow in the dark googly eyes all over them.  We wore them until they were no longer wearable.  To this day if I leave my walk-in closet light on any length of time, it’s certain later I’ll be greeted with little eyes glowing from a random shelf.

It’s just our thing.  We’re happier in our jams.  And it’s funny, our favourite people to be around are those who have stayed over and hung out in their pajamas with us.  We like people to join in and be comfortable.

So go ahead.  I dare you.  Try knocking on our door unannounced.  I’ll try to remember to answer “Ah simply can’t open the door right now!  Ah’m not dressed!” and try to sound like a proper Southern lady caught in her unmentionables…but really, you know I’m wearing pink pajama pants that say “cute”, “bff”, “spaz” and “sweet” all over them like I’m fourteen.  

Maybe you might want to be careful, lest you get more than you bargained for. Besides, I’d rather you not disturb me; I’m busy shopping online for a new door - with a frosted window.

Fueled by laughable amounts of chocolate and coffee, Jen Taylor is a business owner, wife and yummy mummy to two beautiful kids.  Her kids come first, work second and sanity last of all.  Jen loves to read, write and talk about pretty much anything, and if the latter can be done with friends over wine, all the better.

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