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My Advice on Not Getting Accidentally Drunk: A Summer Cocktail Love Story

A Cocktail With Volume

How to avoid getting accidentally drunk |

I am a continuous work in progress and usually have some sort of self-betterment project on the go. Currently I am working on wearing sunscreen, keeping track of my jewelry and not becoming accidentally drunk at parties by drinking too much too quickly.

Since becoming a mother, the process of getting ready to go out usually involves desperately thinking of excuses as to why I need to stay home, shoveling dinner into obstinate kids and then hopping out the door late wearing only one shoe. My signature look is frazzled and harassed accessorized with hunger pangs, thirst, and some sort of temperature control issue.  

Transitioning quickly from the aforementioned scenario to a room filled with beautifully dressed, fun adult friends feels equivalent to having an oxygen mask strapped to my face and turned up high.  

And that first glass of wine…  To quote Will Ferrell in the movie Old School, “Once it hits your lips it’s so good.”

Soon exhaustion and drudgery are replaced with flowing drinks, silliness and on rare occasions a visit from a deeply repressed personality known to my friends as Fun Bobbi. Bobbi looks strangely identical to me but loves high-risk recreational pursuits like recreating the lift scene from Dirty Dancing, climbing a Zamboni, and skateboarding in formal wear.

In an effort to contain Bobbi and avoid weeks in a body cast, a quest has begun to replace my beloved, high-alcohol but low volume, white wine with some really simple cocktails containing less booze and a lot more liquid. I of course realize that my midlife crisis needs to be addressed but frankly, who has the time?

On a recent date to our favourite Ottawa restaurant, The Fraser Cafe, I discovered a most delicious voluminous beverage called Putnam's Punch.

Summer Cocktail Love Story

I begged the manager Daryl Rancourt to share his secret recipe and once learning that I was writing for Yummy Mummy Club, he quickly turned it over. Turns out that this really sweet dad, now happily married with two small boys, had a serious teenage crush on Erica Ehm!

Putnam’s Punch (otherwise known to me as Pump Up the Volume)


One large glass
Fresh lemon juice
Simple syrup
Light beer


The Chemistry

 Fill glass halfway with ice.

 Mix ½ ounce of simple syrup with ½ ounce of lemon juice and add to glass.

 Pour in ¾ ounce of Cassis (liqueur made from blackcurrants).

 Top up with a light beer and stir.

Don’t tell Daryl but I lazily used ready-made lemonade instead of the simple syrup and lemon juice combo. Using lemonade also ensures that with a bottle of Cassis in your purse, you can make this cocktail at almost every cottage or barbeque across Canada.   

Summer Cocktail Love Story


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