Jen Warman: New Freakin' Mummy


The Second Trimester

(A Love Affair)

I loved my second trimester. If I could high-five my second trimester, I would. We’d probably even have a secret hand-shake that ended with a fist pump. In fact, I wish I could take my second trimester on a date, that’s how much I loved my second trimester. Except we wouldn’t be able to have wine, and that would suck. But at least we could slow dance, and hold each other fondly—gazing into one another’s eyes...

*Insert happy-second-trimester-slow-dance dream sequence here*

I could finally tell everyone that I was pregnant and not just getting fat! I could now publicly justify the soft little ponch that was developing (though looking back—I realize I looked completely the same. At the time, I thought it was so obvious!!)

It was also an amazing feeling to tell all of my friends and family members the news. At first it felt like I was spilling the beans on a dirty little secret. You try to hide it for so long, that when you finally say it out loud, you feel like a 12-year-old who’s testing the swear-word boundaries by saying “shit” (in context) in front of a group of adults for the first time.

“I saw it Mom! The neighbour’s dog...(hesitate) shit on our front lawn.”

And amazingly, no one slaps you in the face or washes your mouth out with soap!

Not that anyone should do that for announcing a pregnancy get the connection I’m trying to make here!

Anyway—in addition to sharing the good news, I also started to feel the fuzzy ginger-ale bubble-like movements of the baby for the first time around 16-17 weeks (which is pretty early). I was ecstatic! No more boob-poking to confirm my pregnancy, I could now rely on actually feeling the baby move. Amazing!

At around 18 weeks, there were tiny little “punches” that I could feel on the inside and the outside. I had been grabbing my husband’s hand his mid-conversation for the past week and placing it on my belly in hopes that he’d feel a punch. Finally, my hand-vulturing (new word) paid off and he got to feel the baby move too!

Baby moving and blissful glow aside, I should probably also share with you a few of the not-so-awesome parts of my second trimester (otherwise you’ll hate me and think I’m a freak of nature!) So here they are:

1) My pre-pregnancy jeans stopped fitting, and I started to feel like a cow on some mornings. My husband would “moo” at me in response to my favourite question “Do I look fat?” (mocking me of course, because he insisted I still looked fabulous. If he were being serious, I would have punched him in the face)

2) I had a few hormonal outrages—one that included throwing a container of half eaten yogurt aggressively into the sink, having it explode all over the kitchen wall.

3) I got a few hemorrhoids. Fun times. I haven’t even pushed the freaking baby out yet. *sigh*

4) And last but not least, nearing the end of my second trimester my hips started to ache (from shifting and opening up). Just call me Granny Jen as I clench my hips and moan, “I gots the bad hips!”

And...that was my second trimester—in a nutshell. What have your second trimester experiences been like? I look forward to hearing them!

Now stay tuned, because we’re almost up to-date as my next blog will take us into present day: The Third Trimester...