19-year-old Kate is the talented Canadian indie artist who was chosen as the Bell Media Emerging Artist for April 2013.
We have less than 4 hours to shoot 2 scenes on location at Running Room. Throw in 1200 racers, a 50 person running group, and bad weather. Camera's rolling!
Angella is a seasoned traveler my kids, and has some great tips she's learned over the years to make road trips less painful, and less expensive
It's our first day of a 5 day shoot, and I have my 2 year-old on set with me. What if this was the worst mistake of my life?
Follow along on Twitter at #filmsetmummy and see what happens next to a YMC mummy who’s grabbing life by the balls with her toddler in tow.
After 12 years of being unable to buy clothes that fit, experiencing discrimination and becoming as celibate as Mother Teresa, Emily Walker claims it is
Like Cinderella she met her prince for a night of malts and fart jokes. When the clock struck 6:00 a.m. she made her way back to her regularly scheduled life.
Forever Yours in Vancouver features plus size model Elly Mayday in their advertisements both before and during her treatment for of ovarian cancer.