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Canadian Lingerie Company Nails It

Forever Yours in Vancouver Uses Plus-Size Model both before and during her cancer treatments


Last year, when Forever Yours Lingerie in Vancouver, BC decided to start using gorgeous size-14 model Elly Mayday for their campaigns, they knew they were on to something. The shop's owner made a conscious decision to use the plus-sized model because of her gorgeous curves, thick thighs and full bust and bum. What she didn't expect was that Elly would find out that she has a rare form of ovarian cancer. But it didn't stop Elly from wanting to work, and with a bit of cajoling (the shop didn't want to tire the model out or abuse her while going through treatment), Forever Yours has continued to use Elly as their star model. 

And the looks are nothing short of FANTASTIC. 


First of all, Elly Mayday is a fox with or WITHOUT hair. Secondly, that sports bra looks AMAZING and third, kudos to a company actually taking time to try and do what's right by using different sized women to show their product. I'm not saying that a thin model or skinny woman is unattractive at all, but the fact that more and more companies are embracing actual differences shows me that fashion is changing.

And that's great news. 

What do you think of Elly Mayday's shoot for Forever Yours in Vancouver?


Photos courtesy of Forever Yours Lingerie