The Cost of Spanking Our Children
Raising children who are scared into submission not only doesn't allow them to reach their potential, they are more likely to participate in these behaviours.
But abuse is only the tip of the iceberg. Almost half the men agreed "If a woman wears provocative clothing, she's putting herself at risk for rape."
New No Spanking Law in Canada |
Recently as 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada permitted "reasonable" physical force on children over the age of two. Not anymore.
There are more than two dozen countries in the world that have banned spanking, Sweden being the first in 1979.
Discipline. The how-to advice comes fast and furious, and often makes you feel like you're doing the wrong thing. Is there a right answer?
When it comes to parenting, I am not Mrs. Judgy McJudgerson. But spanking? Paddling? Really? Did someone teleport me to the 1950s?
Spanking might temporarily work because it surprises little ones into obeying but the damage you're doing might not be able to be undone.