Why Women Need To Say Yes To The Camera
The imperfections we see in ourselves aren't really imperfections. These are the things that make us unique, that make us beautiful. Embrace them.
Selfies: The mere mention of the word usually brings up a lot of feelings in people. You love them! You hate them! You wish there'd be less duck face in them!
Dad duplicates teens selfies | YummyMummyClub.ca
This selfie duplicating dad is either the best in the running or the omg-most-embarrassing ever.
Join me in the #365FeministSelfie challenge so we can change how the world views motherhood–one photo at a time.
He may not have talent but this 13-year-old Bieber lookalike and his 762,000 Instagram followers got him a deal with Sony.
Why Women are Only Putting Makeup on HALF Their Faces
Trends come and trends go, but why in the world are women painting exactly half of their faces in makeup then posting selfies online?