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Why Women are Putting Makeup on HALF Their Faces

The shame about makeup

Why Women are Only Putting Makeup on HALF Their Faces

Trends come and trends go, but why in the world are women painting exactly half of their faces in makeup then posting selfies online?

It started with beauty vlogger Nikkie's viral video (below), in which she proudly denounces "makeup shaming." Her seven-minute clip was watched more than 17 MILLION times - and endlessly discussed via the  #thepowerofmakeup hashtag - proving that women are deeply attached to the fun of using make-up. 

And Nikkie's message is one that women have since taken to heart, driving many to put on their best - or half of their best, as it were - faces forward on social media. 

Wearing makeup isn't, in their words, misleading or false advertising. It isn't about wanting to hide or be something you are not.

Personally, I'm not a heavy makeup wearer, but that's primarily because a) I'm lazy and b) utterly clueless when it comes to achieving the kind of artistry these fine ladies have mastered. My split profile would look amateurish at best, clownish at worst.

Of course everyone has their comfort levels and personal taste when it comes to the quantity and the palette. 

While it may sound obvious, user afifa_'s comment is on point: "It's ok if you love wearing makeup. It's also ok if you don't like makeup. You do you. You don't have to force anyone to do or like something they don't want to."