To really see changes in the body and on the scale, it has a lot… A LOT… to do with what we put in our mouth.
Carleton University in Ottawa is in hot water after removing a scale from the fitness centre to help stop people from obsessing about weight.
I remember feeling like I was walking into a new season of my life.
Online Training vs Personal Training |
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planet fitness dress code
Melissa Mantor was 19 weeks pregnant when asked to cover up because "her belly was hanging out." Is this discrimination or simply a dress code violation?
Have no time to exercise? It's time to think outside the box and learn how this mom of six fits in her workouts.
Every mom needs to take care of herself but who has the time? With babysitting, scheduled appointments and personal trainers, this small biz makes it possible.
Paying more buys me safety, companionship, and perhaps most importantly: accountability. Oh, and... it works.