There were some major surprises in the 2013 Emmy Nominations showing that technology is changing the face of television.
Our Prize Queen sat three feet away from the star and got all verklempt when Paula talked about her life lessons and how no is never a final answer.
I'm breaking up with you and your old-school-not-willing-to-change ways.
While the stars may have walked the red carpet, it was blue and yellow that stole the show.
The best part of the Emmy's is the unexpected stuff that happens when a show is live. Join us this Sunday and watch the show with YMC.
The Emmy Awards nominations are out! Are your faves on this list?
This morning the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards nominations were announced and some of my most favourite programs are nominated for multiple awards.
Emmy Awards
True blues, strategic skin baring, and bold black and whites were just some of the fashion highlights seen on last night's red carpet.