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Susie Moshenberg is our resident Prize Queen. We give out hundreds and hundreds of prizes each year and Susie is the one who keeps it all organized. If you've ever won a prize, Susie is the awesome woman who's contacted you and she always does it with a smile on her face!

Can you imagine a job where you give out prizes all day long and never get to win one? And yet look how happy she is!

About my kids: 
I have one beautiful 16 year old daughter who is known for her gymnastics skill. She competes at the provincial level and has developed muscles most of us can only dream about. She also loves movies, music, books and of course, vampires. She’d marry one if she could. (I told her, as long as he’s Jewish)
Parenting is...: 
One huge learning curve complete with every emotion. It’s a precious time in our lives and I love and cherish every minute of it, even when my teenager is being a teenager.
We know you don't have a lot, but when you do, what do you like to do in your spare time?: 
In my spare time I love taking long walks with my dog, having lunch with my best girlfriends, spending time with my parents, reading and performing in amateur theatre.
When are you at your yummiest?: 
I am definitely at my yummiest during the summer and when my jeans get too loose on me. And when I am laughing with my family, travelling, spending time with animals and when I am dancing and singing on stage!
If someone wrote a biography about you, what would be the title?: 
My Life’s Obsessions and What they've Taught Me
What's currently in your purse?: 
Let me rummage through my purse and see what’s inside. Reading glasses, iPhone, Wallet, Empty reading glass case, Bank envelope – Empty, Life Brand Facial Tissue – 3 ply, Emergency Feminine products and meds! Bottle of Excedrin for Migraines – from the States, Excel peppermint mints, Bank Books, Cheque Book, Emergency Poop bag – for my dog! Socks? Ear buds for my cell phone, Lip gloss and Vaseline, Nail file
What superhero power would you like to have?: 
The ability to control the minds of all those who hate.
If we gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?: 
I would hide an elephant at the zoo as no one would think to look there.

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