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Emmy Awards 2013: Best Of The Red Carpet

See My favorite red-carpet looks

Emmy Awards

It's no secret that I love a red carpet.

I love seeing the one dress that makes a celebrity scream "This is the one! This makes me feel pretty/sexy/sultry/good/comfortable/perfect! It's THE dress."

Sometimes I want to stand up and clap and say YES! You made a great choice. But then, of course, it's easy for me to be the armchair fashion police—you needed straps! You needed a different color! You needed a brassiere! You need to never wear a mermaid silhouette! You needed to wear a dress that's not so tight—I can see your spanx!

Last night there were so many dresses that I loved. Some were no surprise to me—see Sofia Vergara—and some were a big surprise to me—see Emilia Clarke. What can I say? The fashion heart wants what the fashion heart wants. 

Elisabeth Moss was, by far, my favorite look of the night. I love black and white in general and this vintage number was just perfect for her. 

January Jones—another lovely lady from Mad Men—usually ends up on my worst-dressed lists, just missing the mark. But this one works for me. I love how delicate the dress is, and her hair looks wonderful at this length.

I liked Carrie Underwood's dress, but it borderlined on prom dress, and therefore narrowly missed my list. Allison Williams went a similar route, but this one worked for me. The color was gorgeous on her and really stood out on the red carpet, and the cut was just stunng.

I love well-placed ruffles and Malin Ackerman's dress was an excellent choice for her. The style and color suited her—and it especially helped that her fake tan didn't look fake. Personally, I would have loved to have seen her with some straps of some kind, as her chest has a case of the droppysags.

For me, Kiernan Shipka always gets it right. At 13, she's wearing what she should be wearing on the red carpet. Something fun, something sweet, something with sleeves.

Kerry Washington has a style that's all her own, but she certainly OWNS it on the red carpet. I loved this so very much.

Now Claire Danes was a bit of a tough one for me. I love that she embraces her small chest with the same confidence than some actresses embrace their ample bosoms, but seeing her breastbone was a bit excessive for me. Other than that, though, this dress was lovely. I love the silhouette and style, and the incredibly intricate detailing was so wonderful. I just would have liked to have seen a little bit more of it in the chest area. I'm digging all of the short hair we are seeing on the red carpet right now. Seems the bob might be a new fall trend?

Zooey Deschanel is a personal style favorite and she didn't disappoint last night. And her hair was flawless as usual.

What about you? What were your fashion hits last night?