Infant Ejected From Car And Survives

Miracles Still Happen

Infant Ejected From Car And Survives

Some of you may have already seen this recent video of a one-year-old Russian baby girl being tossed out of a Mitsubishi during a collision. 

The Mitsubishi was making an illegal pass on the left side (going across a solid dividing line and into oncoming traffic) when it skidded out of control and its rear end collided with a transport truck. The infant was in the rear of the vehicle and not in a child car seat. The rear windshield smashed to pieces and the infant was ejected from the car. 
A second truck narrowly misses running over the infant and a third truck manages to come to a stop in time as the father rushes out to pick up the child. The baby girl suffered bruises to her head and face, and was taken to the hospital to be examined for head injuries.
It is reported that only 1/3 of drivers use child car seats in Russia. 
As crazy as this video is, and as insane as it is to think that any parent would be so relaxed about the safety of their infant, there are many things that I'm thankful for as a result of this video.
I'm giving thanks:
That this baby just barely escaped death
That the second and third truck drivers missed colliding with the infant
That we live in a country where child car seats are prevalent and a socially expected norm
That miracles still happen every day

Honda CR-V: Crossover For Cross-Purposes

7 features that make this compact SUV a good buy

Honda CR-V: Crossover For Cross-Purposes

I've mentioned this before: I don't get to drive cars that don't need fixing very often.

Driving the new Honda CR-V was an interesting experience for me. Our family cars are a Buick Rendezvous and a Toyota Corolla so the CR-V was something in between. Smaller than my Rendezvous, with the height advantage over the Corolla.

Hm...cross-purposes, eh? Honda is up for this challenge: “It's not a question of how much you can do with a CR-V, but how much you can do at the same time.” They've loaded this compact SUV with many features so I put them to the test and here are the ones I liked:
Rearview camera
This feature is—get this—standard on all trims. Of course, I don't use it to drive in reverse but it's really helpful when backing up into a parking spot!  
Bluetooth with text message reader
Most new cars have a bluetooth option available. The CR-V also has a text messaging feature (only compatible with some phones—worked on my Blackberry) that reads incoming texts over the audio system and has preset replies that you can respond with.  
Fuel economy backlight
The instrument panel has an indicator that changes from white to green when you're in the optimal fuel economy range. I only noticed this feature when I was reading the owner's manual (yes, I read them!). It's a simple indication of fuel economy, rather than traditionally watching gauges move. 
Cargo space
The CR-V is roomier than its previous generations. I had no trouble lugging things around—thanks to its 60/40 rear seat split. 
Child car seat installation
The rear seats are firm so they provide a good support for the child car seat. The headrest can be removed, so you should be able to install a variety of forward-facing child car seats. When you install rear-facing car seats, keep in mind that the CR-V's seat is somewhat angled. You may need to use pool noodles to get the correct angle for your car seat. 
Even if you're zipping around town, chances are you use your car quite a bit. Anytime a car can get some ergonomic features in, that's a bonus for me. My husband (a Clinical Consultant, with a background in Ergonomics) gave me his two cents:
Multiple seat adjustments and steering wheel tilt

All trim levels have heated seats

Base models seats have a 6-way adjustment. EX-L & Touring models have a 10-way adjustment & power lumbar support. These adjustments make the seats comfortable no matter who drives—short little me or my taller husband. The lumbar support provides comfort for my back especially during longer drives.

I really appreciated the arm rests on the driver and front passenger seats. They provide shoulder support and I had less fatigue.

Dash controls
The climate and radio controls are within arm's reach. Another convenience are the steering wheel controls for radio, bluetooth and cruise. 
Overall, this compact SUV was a good in-between for our family and I'm impressed that it comes with many features even at with the base model. I can see why our clients like their CR-Vs. Starting price for the 2013 CR-V is $25,990.

Wiper Blades Aren't For Clearing Snow

The Wipers On The Bus Go No, No, No!

Wiper Blades Aren't For Clearing Snow

It's cold outside, your car is buried in snow. A quick way to get that snow off your windshield is to wipe them off with your wiper blades, right? Well, it may be quicker, but it's NOT a good idea.

Before I get too far into this post, let me assure you that before my days in the shop, I was totally guilty of doing exactly what I'm writing about!

To be brief, your wiper blades are attached to the wiper arm, which is then attached to the wiper motor through a series of linkages. These linkages are also known as a wiper transmission.

Imagine all that snow and slush sitting on your wiper blade. When you hit that button for the wiper blades, the motor comes on and tries to move the blades through a series of linkages. The weight of the snow can be heavy for the blade to lift, and something will have to give in the linkages. Sometimes the stud at the wiper arm (red circle in picture below) gets stripped, or there's damage to the linkages' pivot balls.

Either way, it could get costly and you may be looking at replacing the wiper transmission (where all the linkages are) if a repair isn't possible. Sometimes the wiper motor and transmission comes as one assembly, so the part is even more pricey.

While it's tempting to brush off that snow with the wiper blades, remember they weren't designed for that purpose! Do it the right waymanually, out in the cold. Don't forget to knock off the ice that may be built up on the wiper blade and windshield. Bundle up!

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Images via carpartsgenie.com and justanswer.com