Winter temperature
Our temperatures can spread about 50 degrees Celsius when we look at the low and high ranges through the year. Here's why your vehicle hates this cold weather.
changing engine oil
If there’s even the slightest chance that you’ll be keeping the car beyond its warranty period you need to know this.
Transport truck rollover
None of these motorists woke up predicting they would be confronted with a transport truck falling from an overpass and landing in their path.
Getting a tune up for your car
What a tune-up means for technicians today is different than what it meant many years ago. Find out why.
Recognize Someone Who Makes A Difference In Their Community
Nominate that special person in your life today and encourage him or her to keep bringing "shineness" into everyone's lives!
Parking Brake
Did you know your parking brake isn't just for parking? Here's why you need to use this brake on a regular basis.
Feet on dash
Dear Front Seat Passengers: It may be comfortable to lean back and relax your feet on the dash but there's a very good reason you should never do this.
The craziest, weirdest, and just plain awful accessories for your vehicle - you won't believe #10!