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Infant Ejected From Car And Survives

Miracles Still Happen

Some of you may have already seen this recent video of a one-year-old Russian baby girl being tossed out of a Mitsubishi during a collision. 

The Mitsubishi was making an illegal pass on the left side (going across a solid dividing line and into oncoming traffic) when it skidded out of control and its rear end collided with a transport truck. The infant was in the rear of the vehicle and not in a child car seat. The rear windshield smashed to pieces and the infant was ejected from the car. 
A second truck narrowly misses running over the infant and a third truck manages to come to a stop in time as the father rushes out to pick up the child. The baby girl suffered bruises to her head and face, and was taken to the hospital to be examined for head injuries.
It is reported that only 1/3 of drivers use child car seats in Russia. 
As crazy as this video is, and as insane as it is to think that any parent would be so relaxed about the safety of their infant, there are many things that I'm thankful for as a result of this video.
I'm giving thanks:
That this baby just barely escaped death
That the second and third truck drivers missed colliding with the infant
That we live in a country where child car seats are prevalent and a socially expected norm
That miracles still happen every day