An immigrant to Canada answers the "Why?" |
An immigrant answers the question... Why did you choose to come to Canada?
New No Spanking Law in Canada |
Recently as 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada permitted "reasonable" physical force on children over the age of two. Not anymore.
A one word change potentially makes the anti-discrimination policy discriminatory
Canadian kids welcome Syrian refugees |
Canadian children of all ages have an important and incredibly touching message for Syrian refugees: Welcome.
Space Program for Women
The the Russian Space Program attempt at equality takes feminism back a giant leap.
New York Magazine just published a Justin Trudeau Paper Doll graphic that ridicules and patronizes not just Trudeau himself, but Canada.
China revamps its one child policy
Massive change is afoot in China, where the government is considering amending its longtime one-child policy.
Toddler on Canada's No Fly List | News |
Parents shouldn't have to change their child's name just to get around a policy that itself is broken.