Sophie Grégoire Trudeau dared admit she needs more help, and the country went berserk.
It started off as a joke, but it has turned into a semi-serious pitch, inviting Americans to move to the Canadian island of Cape Breton in the event that Donald Trump does indeed become elected as President of the United States. | Politics | Celebrity |
The ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Story That No One Asked For
What Did You Just Call My Son? |
If you are reading this and think homosexuality is a choice; please stop reading right now.
A one word change potentially makes the anti-discrimination policy discriminatory
Toddler on Canada's No Fly List | News |
Parents shouldn't have to change their child's name just to get around a policy that itself is broken.
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An immigrant answers the question... Why did you choose to come to Canada?
New No Spanking Law in Canada |
Recently as 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada permitted "reasonable" physical force on children over the age of two. Not anymore.
Fighting Islamophobia |
When the grade school students came to school one recent Monday morning in April, they became the targets of an anti-Islamic hate crime.