Hilarious Mom, Jessica Holmes, Stars in Peter Pan
Jessica Holmes gives you a behind-the-scenes look at this year's Ross Petty production of Peter Pan.
by: Erica Ehm
Ross Petty Cinderella
Cinderella,The Gags to Riches Family Musical! will mark the first of many Petty Productions your family will love.
Ross Petty Productions proudly presents THE WIZARD OF OZ – The Toto-ly Twistered Family Musical.  
Why Ross Petty's Cinderella Is A Holiday Must-See
Ten reasons you'll want to make seeing a Ross Petty show your new family holiday tradition.
Ross Petty Little Mermaid
Looking for a fantastic evening out with your family and friends? Ross Petty's The Little Mermaid is this season's must-sea production.
little mermaid ross petty
Kat has decided to start a family tradition of taking the kids to a holiday show. But not just any holiday show—a Ross Petty's holiday show.
It’s not impossible to fit theatre into your holiday tradition. In fact, it’s pretty easy.