Why a Night at the Theatre Should Be Your Next Night Out

It’s not impossible to fit theatre into your holiday tradition. In fact, it’s pretty easy.

“Children” and “theatre” aren’t usually synonymous, in much the way that “civilized meal” and “tired toddler” are not generally used together in the same sentence. But what about a show that captures – and holds - the attention of kids as small as teeny-tiny lap-sized ones, and keeps them riveted while simultaneously not causing parents to pull hair out of their own legs in order to stay awake? (Forgive me; I’m still having Dora the Explorer Live flashbacks.)

It’s not impossible to fit theatre into your holiday tradition. In fact, it’s pretty easy. This year, make sure Ross Petty Productions’ annual holiday Pantomime is on your holiday bucket list. We’d suggest slapping it right between “Christmas Market” and “neighbourhood cookie exchange/vodka tonic night.” This Petty presents A Christmas Carol: The Family Musical with a Scrooge Loose, and as anyone who’s been to a Petty holiday production can tell you, pantomime is more a participatory experience than a passive one.

This aspect is a huge part of pantomime allure for parents! Pantomime (or “panto,” as the cool kids call it) is a style of theatrical production typically presented at holiday time. It’s festive and musical and bright and campy, and a Ross Petty panto is not only suitable for children, it’s seemingly built for them. It’s like, literally in the official description of pantomime: “a theatrical entertainment, mainly for children, that involves music, topical jokes, and slapstick comedy and is based on a fairy tale or nursery story, usually produced around Christmas.”

Ross Petty is perfect for families because kids not only naturally move and shout (a lot), they are in fact invited and encouraged to do so in this magical, musical experience. Even as an adult, having been to the theatre many times in my “grown up life,” I still felt a bit “naughty” when shouting out loud at characters and booing all the bad guys on stage. This breaking the fourth wall is a fantastic way to share theatre with family and friends of any age. Even my teenager who is too cool for most things was seen smiling. (Although to be fair, it could have been at the boy one row over; she’ll never tell.)

And there’s another great reason to make this show part of your 2018 holiday calendar: Special pricing on tickets for YMC readers! Go to rosspetty.com now, and secure your seats today by entering discount code TINY for $59 tickets!  

We will see you at the show!