For a movie to pass this test, it needs to have at least two female characters who converse with each other about something other than men.
Tell you have a great artist who inspires you?
Featured entrepreneur of the week is Tara Sinclaire Hingco, owner of Art & Design Studio, a business that specializes in fine art photography.
child helping mom with artwork
Would you collaborate with your children like this or would you want to keep your art to yourself?
World's Best Bodypainter Blurs Reality
Human canvases are transformed and turned into incredible works of art by Johannes Stoetter, the world's best bodypainter.
A couple in New York City is suing their son’s school after a canvas they nabbed for $50,000 at a charity auction turned out to be a mere finger painting.
Don't let your Easter egg shells go to waste. Let your children's imagination blossom with this unique egg art.
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